5 Major Areas Of Global R&D?

Major research and development (R&D) work is happening all over world right now. Here we take a look at just a few of them.

Cultured meat and food products

Over the coming decades, the way we eat could be transformed thanks to the arrival of cultured meats and other foodstuffs on our supermarket shelves. As an alternative to intensive farming, where greenhouse gas emitting animals are reared for slaughter in sometimes questionable conditions, meat will instead be grown from a cell culture in a lab. The science behind it is still being worked on, but it’s already gaining interest amongst investors with big names like Richard Branson and Bill Gates throwing their weight behind this new “clean meat” sector.

New, less expensive drug production through acquisition

R&D in the life sciences sector is typically extremely expensive, with every new drug launched onto the market costing a minimum €1 billion to develop. Pharmaceutical companies looking to push the odds in their favour are now scouring the world in search of small start-up companies already working on promising new drugs. By then collaborating in these firms and investing in them at the earliest stages, it then makes it easier for them to buy these companies outright once the new drug is almost ready to market.

AI and machine learning

Innovative work is completely reliant on shared knowledge as well as staying abreast with latest technological discoveries. However, this isn’t easy. The world is packed with data, knowledge and information, and AI alongside machine learning can now be used in extracting and collaborating the value from this knowledge. In times gone by this was done by educated, intelligent people, but now machines can do it for us.

Follow the sun

When people traditionally think about R&D, they imagine it as being about groups of scientists huddled around a Bunsen burner in a laboratory somewhere in a rather insular way. However, this is now very outdated. Nowadays it’s much more common for multiple groups and labs across the world to be working on projects together, and passing on the project to one another at various times of the day depending on their time zone and location. Hence “following the sun”. This means that companies may now have several R&D locations in different time zones all working 24/7 on the same project. This could have implications for Ireland that require some adjustment to R&D incentives such as the Knowledge Development Box to fit in with this new way of working.

Society and science

R&D is being used more and more to address key development goals in areas such as sustainable energy, food shortage, poverty, climate change, and so on. There’s a big focus on society, and using scientific research for the common good. It isn’t always necessarily for it to provide a commercial return either. A lot of work is now done by people who are not directly connected to an organisation, even though their work receives company support. An example of this is in companies such as Google, where scientists and technologists are working on issues like environmental degradation. It’s certainly a trend that’s on the up.

But why is R&D so important?

R&D is crucial for both Ireland and the rest of the world as a whole because it plays an essential role in economic success. Unfortunately, despite R&D also contributing massively to the long-term sustainability of an organisation, many firms still don’t appreciate its importance until it’s too late.

Research and development programmes are the foundation on which innovation and creativity can flourish within a company. Huge scientific and technological leaps forward have only occurred because of strong R&D investment. Research means perseverance, and every time an R&D endeavour fails it heightens the drive to perform better next time.

R&D also gives a competitive advantage for a company over its competitors in that it involves planning ahead. R&D functions need to have a clear foresight regarding any problems in the future and how they can be tackled. Developmental innovation can also speed up company growth by launching new products and services on to the market.

Finally, while the world remains so incredibly competitive, R&D will always be relevant. Consumers are constantly on the hunt for the next bigger, better piece of technology, and firms that harness this drive will generally come out on top. Companies that centre their R&D efforts on the development of new products in particular will have a big advantage. Indeed, R&D expenditure should be thought of as an investment, not simply another cost to be accounted for.

Government help is available thanks to R&D Tax Credits

Administered by the Irish Revenue, R&D Tax Credits are an incentive offered to all Irish firms that have undergone appropriate research and development projects in Ireland or inside the European Economic Area. The relief is primarily used for offsetting a company’s Corporation Tax bill (either the current one or the year previous).

R&D tax relief claims need to have been made within one year following the end of the accounting period during which the R&D expenditure was made. If eligible, the R&D expenditure will generate a 25% tax credit in addition to a tax reduction set at 12.5%. This means that firms undertaking R&D (assuming the work is eligible) can claim a refund courtesy of the Revenue of €37.50 against every €100 worth of R&D money spent. So in effect, the R&D Tax Credit scheme lowers the actual cost of R&D by as much as 37.5%.

Find out more on our R&D Tax Credits page.

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