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R&D Tax Credits Software for Accountancy Practices

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€75  per month +  €1,499  per claim report*

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Software + Expert Advice

Tax Cloud with the support of experienced R&D tax specialists helps you prepare accurate and compliant R&D tax credit claims on behalf of your clients.

* +VAT see pricing below for more information.

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Software + Expert Advice = Compliance

  • Cloud-based 24/7 access for you and your client
  • Built-in user help & video tutorials
  • Unlimited users for your practice & clients
  • Simple, clean & intuitive experience
  • Full Xero integration
  • Timesheet Module
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+ Expert Advice
  • Unlimited support from technologists, costing & tax experts
  • Direct access to experts via telephone, email & live chat
  • Experts review, advise & comment at every step
  • Our team has a proven success rate spanning 20+ years
= Compliance
  • Revenue compliant R&D claim reports
  • Assurance that only qualifying projects, activities and costs are claimed
  • Revenue enquiry service at no additional fee
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Our Step-by-Step Claim Process


Discovery Session (free of charge)

Our team will discuss your client's project and assess eligibility for R&D tax credits. We'll also provide a detailed demonstration of our platform, to you and your client.

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Project Assessment

Your client will enter details of their R&D projects. Our technical experts will review, discuss and approve qualifying projects.


Cost Allocation

Our costing specialists will ensure that all qualifying expenditure is claimed. Staff and supplier costs can be taken directly from Xero or entered manually. Costs are allocated to projects based on client data or by using our built in time sheet system.

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Technical Narrative

Create a robust technical description using our step-by-step process. Our expert technical writers will review all information to ensure compliance and provide personalised advice where needed.


Compliance Review

Our Specialist R&D Tax Team will carry out a detailed and thorough final review of the claim before approving the report.

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Report Download

Once approved, your detailed Claim Report and Costing Schedule are available for download.

Empowering you and your clients

Get everything you need in one place - easy-to-use software, simple learning guides, and a helping hand - to make R&D tax claims a breeze for your customers.

Benefits for your clients
  • Direct access to technologists and R&D tax experts
  • Centralised hub for all R&D claim information
  • Prepare time records to support every claim
  • Support throughout, from project discovery to dealing with Revenue.
Benefits for you
  • Certainty that your client is receiving the best possible advice
  • New or increased revenue streams
  • Automating a manual and time-consuming process
  • Centralising all R&D tax claims in one place

Affordable pricing for your practice

Service Details Price
All-inclusive monthly serviceUnlimited users, extensive software support, access to R&D experts €75/month + VAT. Min. 1 Year
Downloadable claim report Includes up to three R&D technical project write-ups €1,499 / report + VAT
Additional R&D technical project write up €250 per R&D Project
Handling of Revenue forms and enquiries Included
Optional Amended Company Tax Return €500 + VAT

Frequently asked questions

Tax Cloud, with guidance and support from our technologists and R&D tax experts, will guide you and your client through every aspect of the claim process. Once the claim is approved by our experts, a robust claim report, including a detailed technical report and costing schedule, is available for download.

Tax Cloud, with guidance and support from our technologists and R&D tax experts, will guide you and your client through every aspect of the claim process. Once the claim is approved by our experts, a robust claim report, including a detailed technical report and costing schedule, is available for download.

Yes, we are constantly developing Tax Cloud to adapt to any changes in the scheme to ensure your client’s claims remain robust, optimised, and compliant.

Tax Cloud R&D experts will handle all Revenue compliance checks, and this service is included at no additional fee.

At Tax Cloud, we prioritise the security and protection of our clients' sensitive data in full compliance with EU data protection laws. We have implemented robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data entrusted to us. Here are some key security measures we have in place:

Encryption at Rest: All client data is encrypted when it is not actively being used. This means that even if the data is stored, it remains encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): When client data is in transit, we utilise industry-accredited TLS 1.2+ security protocols. This ensures that data transmitted between our systems and clients' devices is encrypted and secure.

Redundancy and Backup: We employ various redundancy and backup storage tools, all of which are backed by Microsoft's service level agreements (SLAs).

Azure SQL Firewalls and Rules: Our virtualised SQL databases utilise Azure SQL firewalls and rules, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access.

In addition to these measures, we adhere to Microsoft's best practices for data encryption, data protection, and infrastructure security. For a more detailed understanding of our approach to data security, please refer to our Privacy Policy, which can be found at

For further insights into the security practices and standards followed by Microsoft, we recommend reviewing the following documents:

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security to safeguard our clients' information. If you have any specific concerns or further questions regarding our security measures, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team via the contact form below.

Tax Cloud integrates with Xero, which allows you to bring payroll and supplier costs into the system in just a few clicks.

We have a dedicated customer support team, who can be contacted via phone, email or our live chat. Each claim is allocated a Technical Consultant as well as a Cost & Tax Associate, who will review every aspect of your claim, providing advice and guidance to ensure your client’s claim is compliant, robust and optimised.

We provide detailed training on our platform as part of the onboarding process. There is also extensive help available through every stage, including page overviews, contextual help and video tutorials. In addition, you can contact the team directly via the live chat facility, telephone or email if you require additional assistance.

From review with our partners, it typically takes 4-6 hours to enter all the required information into Tax Cloud.

Absolutely, you can add an unlimited number of users to your account and set which company they have access to. You can also limit access to just the technical sections so they have no visibility of payroll data or costs.

We do not provide a free trial. However, we are happy to provide detailed 1-2-1 demonstrations of our platform. Please click here to book a free demo.

To sign up, simply fill in the form on this page or click here to book a demo.

The Tax Cloud platform enables you to offer an R&D tax relief service. You will have direct access to the Tax Cloud team, which consists of leading technical, tax and costing experts. Ultimately Tax Cloud is designed to help you attract new clients, grow your practice and boost revenue.

You don’t need to know, as our technologists will either undertake a discovery session with your client or they can simply provide high-level project information directly onto the platform for our experts to review. The key is that the company must be undertaking development activities that seek to achieve an advancement in technology. The project must contain a level of technical uncertainty for a competent professional, so if your client has been through some ‘head-scratching’ moments to find a solution, that’s a good indication that they may qualify for R&D tax credits. If you’re unsure, simply call us or ask your client to add the top-level project information to Tax Cloud. As a Tax Cloud partner, we are here to provide expert advice and guidance at no additional cost.

Sure, simply fill out our contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

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